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Window Trims

Window trims can be an important part of your home especially if you want to keep the heat and cooling cost down in the bills area. This is mainly achieved in putting in new windows. One option called a “stool and apron” which is a style that is completed with a mitered casing.

Please don’t get discouraged if the window trim doesn’t fit the first time, most don’t. You may need to remove a small amount of drywall around the corners or the back wall to get the trim to fit just right. If it still does not fit correctly then try shaving some of the miter off. The most important thing to remember is to measure twice before you even touch the wood or cut it. Make sure to take your time when cutting the wood. You can always take off wood but it is very hard, and it will never look the same, to put the wood back on.

Make sure to start with the largest windows in your house first just incase you do cut something too short than you can just use it for one of the smaller windows. The very first thing to do is to measure all of the windows and decide on the amount of trim that will be needed. One thing to do is to rent a power miter if you do not own one this is the project to have it for. It might be a good idea to get a fan with a reverse switch on it and blow out the dust or to work outside to prevent the dust from getting in your work area inside.

Also you will want to cover everything you don’t want coated in dust with a drop cloth. Also remember to wear those safety goggles. The stool for the window needs to be cut an inch and a half longer than the windows measurement. Mark the outside edges of where the window trim is going to be so that you have a reference point. After you have marked the window align the mitered pieces of trim, or what is now the window stool on the window. You may also need to plane the actual window to make sure that it aligns with the window sash.

After aligning the windows stool and trim you need to measure the jamb of the window. If these jambs are flush with the interior of the window than you will need to extend them. To determine if this is need or the size measure from the jamb to the straight edge. This should tell you the size needed for the extension on the jamb. After determining if the jambs need extensions than you need to install the casings for the window. Then after that you need to affix the return apron.


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