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When You're Looking for New Patio Furniture

What could be  better than getting home from work and going outside on your patio and sitting back with a book or a drink and relaxing? Of course, to make that happen you have to have good patio furniture--otherwise you're just standing on the patio reading. And what's relaxing about that? The good news is that more and more houses today are being built with patios and decks, which means that more and more patio furniture is being made. This is good for you because this means that there is a wealth of different styles and colors for you to choose from.  The only bad part of shopping for your patio furniture is that there are so many options it could take you forever to sort through them all! But not worry: We've compiled this handy guide to help you figure it all out.

First let's talk about the features you need to consider in selecting your patio furniture.

Comfort: Not long ago, patio furniture was not made for comfort.  It was mostly metal and hard. Today though, a lot of the offerings are as comfortable as anything you have in side.  You can choose from sling chairs, swivel chairs or double glider chairs.

Height: One thing that people often don't think about is that patio furniture needs to sit higher than other furniture so that you can see over the railing. Otherwise half the purpose of the patio -- admiring the scenery -- is lost.

Portability: A lot of people prefer patio furniture that can be moved fairly easily. Because one day, they might want to sit and talk to others, while another day they might want to sit where they can look at the stars. For this purpose, some patio furniture now comes with wheels; other furniture is light enough to be easily carried.

Keeping these three points in mind, here are some suggestions for picking your patio decor:

1. Decide its purpose. You first need to figure out how you plan to use your furniture. Only then can you know which kind of furniture will help you meet that goal.

2. Do your research. You need to find out what kind of furniture is out there.  This means search online stores, read magazines, and talk to stores that sell home furnishings.

3. Take some measurements. You have to know how much room you have on the patio before you go shopping.  You don't want to bring a bunch of things home only to find that there's not enough room for everything.  So write down the exact size of your patio, then think about what you want to put on it: How many chairs, do you want tables, and so forth.  Then figure out how much space you want to allot to each item. Armed with this information, you'll be better equipped to go shopping.

4. Find the best deals. Once If you're like most people, one of the most important things impacting your selection will  be price. Therefore, don't buy the first thing you see in the first store you visit.  Shop around.  See who has the best bargains.  On the other hand, don't buy based exclusively on price, otherwise you might wind up with furniture that falls apart after just a year or two of use.

6. Accessorize. Cushions Don't spend all the money on the furniture. To really make your patio comfortable and attractive, you'll want to add some miscellaneous items like cushions, plants, maybe even a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.  All of these things will just enhance the whole patio experience and make it that much more enjoyable.  And ultimately, isn't that the whole point?

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