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Time to Organize Your Basement or Garage

Has this ever happened to you:  You find that you need a screwdriver or pair of pliers for some small project inside, but you can't seem to find it.  You thought there was one in the kitchen drawer, but can't find it there. Then you wonder if you took it to the bedroom, but have no luck there. Then you happen to think about what you've known all along: There are probably several in the garage.  But it's so cluttered right now, you dread looking for it there. So you put the project off until later.

Even if this scenario has not happened to you, if you're like most people, your garage or basement is probably a lot less organized than you would like.  Just working on one or two projects can cause an unbelievable mess one which you'll clean up "tomorrow," except "tomorrow" never comes. This creates multiple problems. Garage and basement messes look tacky , but worse, they make it difficult to find anything. It doesn't have to be that way. Here are some suggestions to get a bit more organized.

First, let's talk specifically about the garage.  Right above your car is plenty of space for storage that you likely don't use.  To make better use of this space, take some angle brackets as well as some some pieces of two-by-fours and build a rack from the ceiling. This will do a great job of storing many of your narrow objects such as brooms, mops, fishing poles, other two-by-fours, pipes, etc.

These next hints will apply to the garage or  basement.  If you buy and install some wall-mounted shelves, you'll find that they are perfect for holding many smaller items.  Take your first shelf and install it around 6 feet from the ground (This will make it less likely that anyone will hit their head on it).  You can now use this shelf to hold cans of car oil or brake fluid, antifreeze, gardening pots, and so on.

Also, consider installing hooks and wall pegs all around the garage or basement.  These hooks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so that many different items, also of different sizes, can be hung there out of the way.  And with hooks hung all around the room, this will provide an enormous amount of extra storage for items such as bicycles, ladders, shovels, rakes, the garden hose, etc.  If you have a lot of smaller items such as wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and other small tools, you can store them by hanging Velcro straps on the walls.

One idea that's gaining is popularity are slot walls.  These are great because you can create a storage wall out of an entire garage or basement wall. These storage walls are made out of 3/4 inch composition board. They have horizontal grooves (t-shaped) in them. In these grooves are hooks, brackets and even shelves that are excellent for improving storage space.

And finally, many home-improvement stores sell shelving units that are meant specifically for garage storing. After you try to organize your items using shelving and perhaps selling a few items in a garage sale, you can also try Washington DC storage or a nearby facility to where you live. Storage units are generally inexpensive and you can store all of your seasonal items until you need them next year. They come in a wide variety of sizes and materials and are good at turning unused corner space into much-needed storage room. 


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