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The Beauty of a Garden Pond

Picture in your mind a home with a large garden out back, and in the middle of that garden, there is a beautiful garden pond.  Now think about the house: What kind of home do you think it is?  Chances are you probably envision a lovely home out in the country with beautiful scenery. The fact is, a garden with a garden pond, by itself, tends to improve our image of a house.  You can be living in a shack, and if you have a garden with a pond, people will perceive the home as being much nicer than it is.

There's just something enchanting about a garden pond. And it's not all about impressing others, either. You'll find it relaxing yourself. Especially during the spring or summer, you can sit outside on your porch or patio, listen to the birds chirp and gaze at the pond, and all of the troubles of the day will magically flow away.  The sound of the pond and the look of its beautiful color will have a totally relaxing and calming effect on you.

Garden ponds are no longer just for the wealthy, as they once were. They've become extremely popular due to the atmosphere they create, and they've become more cost-effective to create also. What's more, you can have a pond as big or as small as you prefer.  Those who prefer something smaller might appreciate having a cozy indoor pond put in.  However, if you want to go all out, and put in something spectacular, you might consider creating a Japanese garden pond, complete with Koi fish and lily pads. Plus there are ponds available that are somewhere in between those two extremes; you just have to ask your local home improvement store about the options available.

There is an unexpected benefit for garden ponds, especially for animal lovers. Those who have a pond created soon realize that the number of animals and birds on their property increases, as those creatures come for a drink of water.  And if you put in some extra flower life by the pond you'll probably find an increase in the number of butterflies and frogs also, as the look for that perfect paradise. 

So how do you put in a pond if you don't already have one? You can do it just by digging out earth in the size that you want, then pour in enough concrete onto a prefabricated liner that you've placed into the hole.  A good size is typically around three to five feet in diameter.  If you plan to install a fountain or statue, you'll need to do so before the concrete hardens.

If you live in an apartment or have a small yard, you can create a wonderful pond by using an old half-whiskey barrel, found at most hardware and home improvement stores. By lining the bottom with a special black, plastic liner, you can add a pump, a water fountain, a few fish and plants, and have a beautiful pond. Just be sure if creating a barrel pond on your apartment balcony that you find out first the weight restrictions.

Also, remember that if your pond is in your back yard, make sure that you put the drainage holes in such a way that the water flows away from the home, not toward it. Also, for the entire project, seek the advice of someone from the home-improvement store. There are also books available that they might help you find that will help you with the process. It will take a little time and labor, but when you're finished, you'll have something you can enjoy for years.

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