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Shopping for Bushes and Hedges

A lot of people like to decorate their houses with bushes and hedges just for the beauty factor. Others like them, but for a different reason: They like the privacy that hedges especially taller ones affords them. Whichever group you might be in, if you're interested in adding some bushes or hedges to your lawn, here are some shopping tips to keep in mind.

1) Remember that there is a lot of variety in both bushes and hedges, so you'll have to decide ahead of time exactly what you want. There are so many different kinds with their own unique traits that you can't go shopping blind, without knowing ahead of time what you want from the bushes. For instance, you could go with a formal hedge or an informal. Formal generally means that the plants will be repetitious and will require regular pruning to maintain their appearance.  However, an informal one makes use of different styles and sizes of plants. For that reason, the maintenance requirements are a bit different.  The informal option also allows you to add some flowers in with them, to add a little something extra.

2) Also, think about whether you want the bushes in the sun or in the shade, and what kind of soil they will call home. These are all important considerations because some bushes thrive better in the sun, some prefer the shade; some do better in one type of soil, and some in an entirely different type. One other consideration related to the location is that, before you place hedges near the street, you should ask City Hall if there are any requirements that you must follow.

3) As you're shopping, ask about the plant's age and level of maturity. Some people have bought what looked like a large bush and thought this must mean it's mature, only to find out it was actually quite young and had not reached maturity yet. As a result, when they got it home, it quickly grew to be much too large.

4) When you've finally decided what kinds of bushes / hedges to get, and you've finally gotten them home, you need to be careful before you start planting.  Make sure you plant them fairly close to one another.  When they start growing, they will naturally fill in the gap between themselves, generating the "hedge effect." It's important, though, that you not plant them too close together, lest they crowd each other out. Remember: It's not your job to make them grow together in order to create that walled-in hedge look.  As long as you plant them somewhat near each other, Mother Nature will take care of the rest.  If, though, you do plant them too close to each other, you can always remove a few of them and replant them, but it's much easier to get it right the first time. If you're unsure how close to plane them to each other, talk to someone who works at the store where you bought them.

5) Finally, please remember to keep the hedges pruned, especially if you're using them as a wall between you and the neighbors. Nothing is tackier than the house that plants a lot of hedges and bushes, but then fails to maintain them and as a result, there is something of a jungle separating your house from the neighbor's. For the sake of peace in the neighborhood and the beauty of your home, take care of your shrubbery. If you do, they'll provide you years of peaceful bliss in your home...and with those who live around you.

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