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Shopping for a Gas Fireplace

Traditionally, many older homes have enjoyed the comfort and beauty of a wood burning fireplace in either their living room or dining room, but tradition be damned! The growing trend among homeowners in the 21st century is to install a gas fireplace. In fact, in some cases, freestanding stoves are even  being converted to a gas-powered option. And for good reason:  Gas fireplaces and stoves are often easier to operate, less expensive, more efficient, and even cleaner than other alternatives.  What follows is a shopper's guide for those who are ready to take the plunge and purchase a gas-powered fireplace.

First, you'll be glad to know that there are lots of different styles and makes for you to choose from. You can pretty much have one in the size and color of your own choice.  And almost any one that you choose can be iinstalled with the mantle or kind of masonry work that you prefer. What's more, even if your home does not have the option of natural gas, many gas fireplaces can be filled instead with propane.

When you go shopping for your fireplace, make sure that the business you select has a good reputation of working with their customers, as you will need to rely on their experience and advice. A knowledgeable expert in the field will be able to explain to you the plusses and minuse of installing a gas fireplace.  As they will doubtless point out, they come in many different decors, including Victorian, ornate and contemporary.

There are other advantages that a gas fireplace has over other heating options.  For instance, there are numerous accessories that can improve the fireplace's efficiency and effectiveness.  One such accessory is an electric fan that is designed to assist in circulating the heat. There are also thermostats that are made to tell the fireplace when to come on and go off, thus keeping the heat at a consistent temperature. In recent years, even remote controls have appeared on the scene.  These let you control the fire, turning it on and off and controlling the flame's height, as easily as you would turn on the TV and control its volume. You will have to sort through all of these things and decide what you want to buy. Again, a reputable dealer will be able to assist with these decisions.

After you've spoken with an expert in the area, and after you've decided what size, color and style you want your fireplace to be, see if a person from the store can come out to your home to help you determine if there are any special requirements that need to be addressed before installing a gas fireplace there. For instance, someone will have to size your firepace for your house's specific needs.  Each house is different.  Some houses are a single story, while others have two or three floors.  The ceiling in each house is different, and every house has a different kind of floor plan.  All of these things affect how well any fireplace will heat the house. Only an expert in this area can give you an accurate calculation of heat-loss in your house, how your windows will affect the heating, how good your insulation is, and other related issues.

It can be a lengthy and sometimes confusing process, but most people consider it an exciting one. And at the end of this whole journey, you will have an addition to your living room that will provide years of comfort and cozy conversations in front of the fire. Not a bad deal!

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