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Oh the Luxury of the Canopy Bed!

For some people, bed time is just a necessary evil -- a time for re-energizing yourself for another long day tomorrow. Others, though, prefer to make sleep time a time for pampering. And for most ladies especially, young or old, the ideal for bedtime sophistication and elegance would be a canopy bed with all the images of luxury it would conjures up; velvet curtains, rich fabrics, warmth and comfort. Here are some suggestions for making your bed a truly luxurious place to be.

First, for the ultimate in romance for you and your partner, we suggest adding the luxury of the aroma of freshly planed wood. Do this by adding a bed sized boxed section into the space above the bed using four 1” x 8” of lumber.

Then you can make decorative changes that will co-ordinate not only with your bed, but with the rest of the soft furnishings in the room too. Think of the original look you could create for your own or for your little girls or boys room! The possibilities are endless, and most of the work can be done using just fabric, glue, paint or staining varnish.

Using a fabric of your choice, perhaps rich and warm toned for your room or a bright pink or blue for a child’s, carefully cut the fabric to match the dimensions of the lumber 1” x 8”. Again with care, working from one end of the plank, glue the fabric over the wood removing any creases and covering all the wood.

If you like the look of natural wood, try staining the lumber mahogany, oak or walnut to bring out the grain and maintain that fresh smell of just cut wood.

Next, you need to measure out four 18 inch wide panels that measure to the floor. This allows for a 2” hem and space to fit a 1” opened-ended loop at the top for a tension rod.

Then you will need strong wood glue and 2” finishing nails, wood putty and sandpaper to construct the box. To provide extra strength the nails must be driven in at an angle and to add to the finishing countersunk with the holes filled with the putty. Once dry and sanded even neither the nails or the putty will be seen.

There are two ways the curtain fabric that will surround you canopy bed can be attached.

The first method is to use a staple gun. Begin in the corner of the box that can not be seen from the doorway. Fold the fabric to create a 2” hem and place the first staple. Pleat the fabric and staple again continuing around the inside of the box at regular intervals. This can be finished off neatly with a small width of fabric stapled along the top to create a valance effect.

The second method is to run the open loop of each panel through a tension rod that will fit the length of each of the 8” panels. Using four rods around the inside of the box carefully gathering the fabric will create the hanging curtain so typical of the luxury of canopy beds.

The options for fabrics and colours are endless and quite personal. You can experiment with anything rom soft chiffons and lace to dark, thick velvets. Pinks, purples and soft browns to favourite football team colours. The possible looks are endless and can be adapted and personalized every time you decorate or simply want to try something different. Eventually you 'll find that look that works for you--but half the fun is getting there!

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