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Oh the Luxury of a Bathroom Hot Tub or Spa

Sure you could come home from Rome and hit the shower. Or for "luxury," you could spend some time in the bathtub. But is that really luxurious? How much better would it be to spend an hour in your own spa or hot tub? While there was a day when price prevented everyone but the rich from installing their own spa, today that's not the case. It's much more affordable today, and it's fairly simple if your bathroom is big enough to replace your regular tub with one. A hot tub or spa is something that the whole family would enjoy. Or if you're single, it's something that would add a little extra romance.

Oh and by the way, the bathroom is not the only place you can install a spa or hot tub. A lot of people prefer to install it in the back yard, so that you and / or a group of friends can relax in the spring or summer weather together.

Before you buy your spa or hot tub, research the subject completely. This is not something you want to rush into. While a spa is more affordable than it once was, it still is a fairly major purchase. Therefore, as you're shopping, you need to find out the answers to these questions.

  • Does the water stay clean and hot when it's not in use?
  • How many jets should you get?  Does the model I'm considering have that many?
  • Does this model have jets and pumps that are loud?
  • How does the spa filter the water?  Is the filter working 24 / 7?
  • Can you program the heating and filtration systems? Or are they automatic?
  • How should the spa be cleaned?
  • Can you customize hydro / massage features?
  • What kind of heater does the spa or hot tub have?  According to the experts, which type of heater is best?
  • Will corrosion be a problem with this model?
  • What extra features does this particular model offer?
  • What kind of underwater light is available?
  • Are the controls difficult to use?
  • Is the lighting mono-colored, or is there an option for multi-colored lights?
  • Is there a sound system with this model?  If not, how easy is it to install one?
  • Can the hot tub or spa be operated with a remote control?
  • What kind of cover should you use for the tub?
  • What kind of electrical system does it use?
  • What kind of seating does the tub or spa use, and is it the most comfortable one?
  • Are all parts tested, and will the manufacturer support them?
  • Is it under warranty? If so, what does the warranty cover?
  • What kind of insulation does the hot tub or spa utilize?
  • What is the estimated cost of operation for the hot tub or spa?
  • What have the reviewers said about this particular model?  Has it won any awards or special write-ups in the press?
  • What kind of report does the company or model have with the Better Business Bureau?  What kind of complaints have been lodged against it, if any?
  • Does the manufacturer have a proven reputation?  How long have they been in the spa business?
  • Are there other people you know who have used this model--and if so, what do they say about it?

If you can get all of these questions answered, and still feel positive about the hot tub or spa, then chances are, this is the model for you.  But if you get two or more "warning signals" after asking these questions, you probably need to reconsider the purchase or look elsewhere.

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