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Let's Visit Your Home's Crawl Space

A crawl space is a small space in your house that is typically used for storage. The biggest problem of the crawl space tends to be mold, because it is a dark space, and moisture can build in that space quite easily.

Many older houses have dirt crawl spaces and these end up having major problems with moisture buildup. Having moisture in the crawl space not only causes a problem with mold build-up, but this moisture can have an effect on the floor area above. With all these problems it is easy to see why the crawl space is very important to take care of and keep in good repair.

The very first thing to do is to seal the crawl space off before working on it. There are two easy ways to seal off the crawl space. One, and maybe the easiest, is to use pool liner to seal the floor and the walls of the crawl space. The other option is to use twenty millimeter seven-inch sandwich of a combination of low and high density polyethylene and polyester cord for reinforcement.

Maybe one of the more expensive, this all depends on where and the size of the crawl space, methods is to have concrete poured into the whole of the crawl space. It is important that this concrete be able to block vapors. Before anything is done, make sure to check with the current building code of your building.

If you are having high heating costs in the winter, this could be caused by the venting situation in the crawl space. If there are too many in it, this could lead to cold floors which would drive up the heating bill. These vents can also introduce a condensation problem.

If it is the summer and these vents are letting in hot humid air, then that means that condensation is also getting into your basement or whereever your crawlspace is located. The easiest way to fix this problem is to seal off the crawl space, or to seal off the vents to the crawl space from the outside, closing them off with foam on the inside. Make sure to also to use polyurethane caulking on the inside work for the vents.

Another problem that might arise with your crawl space is draining water from it. As you can imagine if you haven’t already done this job, than this can be a major job to do. If your crawl space has a problem with water leakage, as many do, it is important to have a drainage system installed. Also it is important to check your downspouts around your house to make sure that none of them are pointing towards your crawl space. The easiest way to drain the water is to install a sump pump with an enclosed lid into the crawl space. You might even need to install a swale to channel the water in the crawl space towards the sump pump. By taking time to do all of these things you can keep your crawl space in good repair.

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