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Home Security Cameras

Gone are the days when only commercial properties relied on security cameras as deterrents for would-be burglars. Now home owners are faced with the daunting task of protecting their family and property from a more sophisticated class of criminal. Nearly 30% of all home invasions are done so in homes with standard alarm systems!
Twenty years ago, alarm systems were well ahead of the professional criminal. But with advances in technology also comes a more advanced criminal, willing and able to take on alarm systems. Alarm systems once provided a deterrent to criminals because not all houses had alarm systems and a home with no alarm system was an easier target. Now nearly 88% of all homes in the US have an alarm system, yet home invasions have gone up in the past fifteen years.
The next level of defense is a security camera. No matter how savvy a criminal is, the risk of being caught on camera will make even the most savoir fair criminal look elsewhere for an easier target. A criminal will always take the path of least resistance and if forced to decide between targeting a home with an alarm system or a home with a security camera, the choice will be easy.
Regardless of your situation, a security camera can benefit you and your family. The benefits go beyond just deterring criminals potentially targeting your house. Security cameras can include audio which is a great feature to have, especially if you have a babysitter in your home tending to children alone. Other features include the option of having color which will provide clear and detailed images.
A security camera also gives you the ability to monitor the activities in and around your house even when you’re away -- at work, out of town, and even on vacation --you can still monitor your household.
The type of system that will best provide safety for you and your family will depend on many different variables. For example, if you want the exterior monitored only or just the interior. Would a wireless system be more convenient than a wired system. Color or black and white. These are all questions you will have to answer but professional technicians are available to assist in this important decision at no extra charge.
A technician can be scheduled to do an assessment of your home and will provide a recommendation of which features will best suit your needs. Our technicians do not work from commission and only have your needs best in mind.
Despite the sophistication and vast improvements of security cameras, most customers find the systems easily accessible and easy to operate. Our installers will insure that your system works properly and to go over operating procedures as-well-as answer any questions you may have.
Depending upon the system chosen, most installations take only one business day to complete. Installation is 100% free for standard systems. Our software and systems have a 5-year warranty which means to you that if any parts need replaced in the first 5-years, it will be completely covered. We also provide extended coverage plans.
Once your system is in place, 24-hour support is available to you. If you ever have a question about the system you’ve purchased or need support activating a specific feature, help is a phone call away – 24/7/365.

100% customer satisfaction is what we strive to the best way to achieve this is by ensuring each customer gets the proper and timely support they need.

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