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Home Improvement with Slipcovers

For anyone facing the daunting task of sprucing up the house, slipcovers can be a saving grace. A slipcover is a fabric overlay that easily slides over any used piece of furniture covering the original upholstery. Throw out the sheet draped over your couch because these covers can be used for almost any project. Use them to reinvent thrifty finds, saving the antiquity of the original structure; help repair (or prevent) the ware and tear of children and pets; or just allow you to be creative and add your own flare to your home without compromising the style of the furniture.

Slipcovers are sold in many stores and often times you can order them with specific measurements to fit your furniture seamlessly. In most cases, if you are just looking to change the color or pattern of a relatively new item, the manufacturer can tell you where to find a slipcover for that specific type of furniture. However, buying a slipcover for antique or used furniture can be costly. Depending on the shape and size, a custom slipcover can range from anywhere from $80 to a couple hundred dollars. If the furniture you’re trying to redesign is valuable to you, then the investment is worth it to save that piece. Some discount slipcovers are sold at home décor stores and on the internet for great values and can be customized to fit your own furniture without much altering. For anyone on a small budget, there are more crafty and affordable ways to make your own slipcovers.

One cost effective way to make your own slipcover is with painter’s canvas cloth. This material is perfect to use for coverings because it is tough and durable yet supple to work with. The best type of canvas to use is heavy-duty, unbleached cotton and can be found at most arts and crafts supply stores for under $10 a yard. To make the slip cover drape the canvas over your furniture, pin around the arm rests, then with a sewing machine make a hem along the pins, and then replace cover on furniture to finish. With this material also come many opportunities to be creative because it is literally a blank canvas for you to stencil, embroider, stitch, dye, or even paint on.

If you are looking for more resourceful ways to make a slipcover, look to old or slightly used materials around your home for fun, creative, and interesting way to decorate your furniture. Old tablecloths, blankets, and curtains are just a few ideas and these items can be found lying around a closet or in the attic and would normally be given away. This adds both originality and sentimental value to your project. If you don’t have any extra tablecloths or curtains, look in a consignment shop or thrift store for great deals and funky patterns. Old clothes are another fun idea to use. Using items and materials from around the home and thrift stores give your furniture a unique touch with endless possibilities to customize the slipcovers to your liking.

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