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Giving Your Sink a Facelift

After the living room, what would you guess is the most visited room in a typical family's house? Your bedroom? The kitchen. Neither of those. The honor goes to the lowly bathroom. After all, only you go regularly to your bedroom; but everyone uses the bathroom. Unfortunately, even though this is true, the bathroom often gets overlooked at remodeling time. Yet, as any homeowner knows there comes a time when the second-most visited room in the house needs a facelift. And honestly, it's easy for the bathroom to become an original and fresh part of your home with a new amazing look. It all starts with the sink.

The sink can become the focal point of the room and the new and modern designs and styles have created endless choice that can turn a run of the mill sink into something spectacular. Imagine a hand blown sink in colourful glass in place of the common white porcelain sink you used to have.

You could spend anything from $100 to $500 on sinks made from ceramic, glass or metal. You could purchase a one-piece ceramic unit for $350 whilst a simple white pedestal unit only $200. Choices also include wall mounted or the modern consol styles.

The modern console style sinks are somewhat new to the market, resulting from a combination of the pedestal sink and a useful vanity unit reminiscent of the 1920s. Typically they include a large basin and instead of the pedestal, legs to create optimal storage space under the basin. This elegant look is not cheap coming in at around $800. However, they do bring a feel of the classic sophistication of the 1920s to the room.

Consoles are popular contemporary choices for home owners and appear in many themed bathrooms as furniture rather than just the sink. Manufacturers continue to develop their ranges and designs offering new materials, colors and textures. As well as the glass blown sinks, imagine terracotta or china sinks, both are now on offer. Whilst the pedestal has been replaced with such things as crafted wrought iron legs.

And of course, there are other decisions to be made concerning your sink. The sink can sit flush or sunk into the countertop or a basin design that sits on top of the counter. Coming in just about every color imaginable, it is not difficult to create a bathroom that would look both original and stunning.

As with any room it is the small touches that create a good finish, and faucets can contribute to the total effect of the bathroom. There are many designs and colors ranging from the simple and contemporary look to the more elaborate or antique. Popular options include bronze, brass, nickel, ceramic, pewter, enamel, platinum, gold, silver and, of chrome. You can personalize your sink even further by choosing a matte, brushed, pearl or polished finish.

The most widespread type of faucet, with both hot and cold handles, are available from 6 to 16 inches designed to fit a three holed basin.The single hole faucet has a single spout and hot and cold mixing handle and needs a single hole as its fixing point.
Some faucets can be wall mounted and are designed to be used with the stand above-the-counter basin. It has an elegant long spout to reach the basin.

Even the faucet handles can be to your own personal taste and chosen to compliment the bathroom. Conventional handles that need to be twisted come in a wide selection of styles and finishes. Lever handles remain a popular option because of their ease of use; a simple lift up or down for young children and seniors who may problems turning a conventional handle. The motion activated faucet however, is a breeze to use and really up to the moment, activated when hands are placed under it.

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