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Giving the Bed a European Look

For some people, the bedroom is a necessary room, but not a place they spend much time. Therefore, they put little emphasis on decorating it. Still other people consider their bedroom their personal retreat from the world. For them, comfort and personal style are essential. If the bed is just a place to sleep for you, then ignore this article. But if you like to sleep in luxury and style, consider giving your bed a European look. This is called a European design because a century ago, the higher class homes in European countries often featured over-the-top, ornate beds that made heavy use of pillows and canopies. This trend has carried over to the States, so that even today, you'll find bedrooms in stylish homes that try to duplicate the look with stacked pillows and billowing drapes, all in a variety of colors. If you'd like to enjoy this atmosphere in your own bedroom, here's how.

Key to this concept is the use of pillows. First set three European pillows behind two regular pillows. The European pillows should be sitting upright. Now stand a rectangular-shaped pillow between your two regular pillows. You can also add a couple smaller pillows on both sides of the rectangular ones, to add a little extra pizzazz. When you're choosing the pillows for this project, you could go with needlepoint flower styles as well as embroidered pillow casses and ruffled shams.

If you still want to go with th European flair, but something a bit more casual, put two regular pillows at the bed's back. Next, put a 26 inch European pillow between the two regular pillows. Turn it with one corner facing upward. Then, place a boudoir pillow and one smaller pillow. As a final touch, use loose plaid bedding, to create a clean yet relaxed look.

As you're creating your European bed, don't be afraid to experiment. Traditional rules don't apply. Contrary to what you've heard, it's okay to mix stripes and flower designs. It's more important to focus on color instead of patterns. For instance, a room that features a lot of whites, pinks, greens and mauves might use some big, plush pillows in a white, pink, move and green plaid or stripe design. And you could get some small pillows with flowers using some of the same colors to add a final touch.

Now that you've finished with the pillows, let's work on a canopy, which is another important part of creating that European feel. There are a couple of ways to do this. Either you can build your own canopy, or if you don't have a canopy bed, then buy some canopy holders. They should have directions. You will install these holders onto either the wall or ceiling. Then you will drape a sheer curtain panel through the ring. The drape then flows around the bed's front and brushes the floor. White or ivory sheers are good for creating a glamorous, luxurious look and feel. Darker sheers (even velvet ones) create a more elegant atmosphere.

But remember, just as with the pillows above, don't be afraid to experiment. Be careful that your colors match, because matching color schemes generally don't change. However, there are always new design ideas, and new uses of fabric, for you to play around with. This is really what will set your room apart from others that might use the same fabric or pillows. Remember: Just because somebody else hasn't tried something doesn't mean you shouldn't. You might just create that new style that everyone else will want to mimick.

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