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Give Your Bedroom A New Look With Paint, Fabric and Crown Molding

Many people enjoy the thrill of home improvement and changing the way a room looks. After all, we all like something new, and we all value our homes, so improving them can be a fun project to do. And it doesn't have to be difficult either, if you follow a simple plan of attack.

When many people think of decorating, their thoughts turn to colors and paints, wallpaper, and even furniture. And of course, these are all importaint, but too many people overlook the most essential of all the elements--the fabric. Experimenting with different fabric colors, textures and patterns, they could have a simple, effective, inexpensive and often dramatic way of decorating a bedroom.

Picking out the fabrics to use should be the first thing to do; every thing else such wall paper or paint will follow.

Here are some ideas that maybe useful to when selecting fabrics for a bedroom;

  1. Soft textured, light pastel coloured fabrics are romantic and feminine and can be decorated with flowers, gingham, ruffles or lace are feminine and romantic.
  2. The Moroccan or Asian warm earth tones, with multiple textures, rich, bold colors, plaids, stripes and oversized flowers may appeal to couples.
  3. Some may prefer the elegant look with leather, chenille, rich tapestries, warm colors with oversized pillows for that extra look of sheer elegance.
  4. Others would relish the contemporary look of leather, vinyl, cottons and contrasts in colors and in shapes.
  5. And yet others would enjoy the natural shades of nature around themselves at night, with whites, blues, yellows and greens, and themes such as animals or the sea.

Mixing patterns is always perfect for a change in décor or style. And even the smallest of changes make a difference. Changing the duvet color or its style and the matching in curtains and lampshades can make a whole new bedroom.

A new bright and modern style can be created matching a white duvet and comforter with some cheerful gingham edging. With large bold red and white lowered curtains and a solid, red, wooden chair with more matching white pillows and another burst of red would furnish the new bedroom to near perfection. Consider adding pillow shams and valances.

Adding freshly framed pictures in various sizes and styles of frames along one wall creates a gallery of memories to add further to your personalized bedroom.

For a sense of the country and outdoors try linking larger pictures with coordinating ribbon hung from the top of the wall.

Old wallpaper makes a room look shabby and is best removed to make way for fresh paint to match with or complement the fabrics.

Crown molding is another inexpensive way to give a bedroom a facelift although it is generally a two person job to put up. Crown molding comes in a wide variety of styles and heights that will make a bedroom look taller or shorter allowing you own creativity. Crown molding makes for a perfect finish although there are many borders in many designs and colors that will add to those finishing touches.

You may also decide to modernise your bed its self. Instead of an expensive new headboard costing perhaps hundreds of dollars try reclaiming or buying much more cheaply, a 6 panelled door with no predrilled holes and screwing two sturdy legs against it to line up with the bed. You can paint it, one solid colour or a color or each panel as you wish to suit your new bedroom. That extra decorative touch can be added with stencilling or design transfers or stamps.

Each of these little touches can make a room look entirely different. Old familiar and run down bedrooms become new, refreshed topics of conversation.

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