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Freezer Tips

If you have a large family you may want to consider purchasing an extra freezer. An extra freezer can be helpful in many different ways. You can use your extra freezer to store pre cooked meals that you can prepare ahead of time for your family. Also you can buy large quantities of food to store when you run into really good sales. This can save you from paying top dollar for your food items. A lot of stores will reduce certain items at a time, and you can take advantage of this. A lot of people store meats for up to a year in their extra freezers. As with all appliances, things may go wrong at any given time. Being prepared and having the knowledge to react in this situation can make the difference in saving all of the stored food from spoil.

For situations where you have advanced notice of a potential problem, such as your power being shut off, or remodeling your home, you can prepare in order to save your investment. By setting your temperature control to minus fifteen degrees, you can give the items a colder freeze. This can help by prolonging the melting rate of the items. It is a good idea not to use this setting for normal freezing, as this can make the thawing time very long. Also you may want to avoid exposing your freezer to the outside. If you are able to store your freezer indoors it will help it stay cooler and use less energy. You can add to the insulation and energy reducing properties by covering the freezer with blankets or old newspapers. When covering the unit be sure not to block any ventilation system that may be present.

If for any reason you are unable to keep the temperature down long enough before your power is regained you can use dry ice to try and maintain a low temperature. On average you can consider a 10-cubic freezer to require approximately 20-30 pounds of dry ice to maintain low temperatures. If you have a larger freezer like a 20-cubic then you will need around 50 pounds of dry ice to maintain a low temperature. If you do decide to use the dry ice make sure to use gloves and a mask. The extreme cold temperature can cause burning to bare skin, and the vapors consist of Carbon Dioxide and can be harmful. Some symptoms are shortness of breath, extreme headaches, and

Another thing that can be helpful in maintaining low temperatures is opening the door as least as possible. The more you open the door, the more cold air will escape and the higher the temperature will get. You can prevent this by making sure that the door is always closed tightly. Some models of freezers will even have a latch or locking mechanism attached so you can insure a proper seal at all times. You can also help maintain a low temperature by keeping a large volume of food in the freezer. The more that you store in there, the colder it will all be.

If you take good care of and maintain you freezer properly, you will reap its benefits for years to come.
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