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Flowers and Plants for Your Outside Deck
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Flowers and Plants for Your Outside Deck

If you have a home built in the past decade, there's a good chance it has a deck built onto it.  In fact, even many older homes have added decks recently, because of the sense of enjoyment and relaxation they provide.  Some people, though, haven't quite mastered the art of decorating the deck.  They just toss a few pieces of furniture on it and call it a day.  But just as with any inside room, there are lots of things you can do to beautify your deck. One of the easiest and most affordable is to supply it with an ample supply of flowers and plants.  Before you start "decking" the deck with plant-life, though, keep these things in mind.

  • Don't forget that plants have to be watered.  If you have an outside faucet, you can use an irrigation-drip system.  If there is no outside faucet close enough for this, then a recoil connected to an outdoor faucet will work just as well.  Then it's a simple matter of attaching to it a gardening wand.  This will allow you to easily water all of the deck plants with very little mess.
  • Just as important as water is sunlight for the plants.  However, most should not receive too much sunlight.  Try to give the plants some coverage or shade if they are in direct sunlight.  Or if you know you won't forget, move the plants around a few times a day so that no single plant receives direct sunlight all day long.
  • You need to make sure you've got the right container for each of your plants.  A good container for a deck plant has an ample drainage feature. It should also be light so it's easy to carry (as when you're carrying it into or out of the sunlight).  This usually means the best option is a plastic container, with drainage holes in the bottom.  There are many plastic containers designed to look like wood or terra cotta; one of these will look quite nice on the deck.
  • If you are spraying for termites around the outside of your home, make sure to plant flowers a few inches away. Many pesticides are available that are not harmful to plant-life if your placement is limited. 
  • Try to find plants that match the house.  Yes, we said match the house.  Consider your house's style and color as you select your flowers and plants.  For example, yellow or red flowers will look great if your house's primary color is burgundy or taupe.  Purple, orange and yellow flowers, on the other hand, look good with a green or blue color scheme.  And almost any color plant will look good with a house that is white or yellow. Also when wondering the nursery it is common for the plants gifts great inspiration on additional garden features.
  • Strive for variety.  This means that you shouldn't get all the same kinds of plants or plant containers. Mix things up a bit.  Use a few taller plants that you set toward the back, and then place some smaller ones out front.  Use some green plants and then add some color with some beautiful flowers.  Adding a fountain will add extra sparkle to the whole deck ambiance.

As for the plants you should consider, it's primarily a matter of taste.  However, many homeowners have boasted about the look of shrubs, dwarf trees, annuals, perennials, herbs, tomato plants, small rose bushes, honeysuckle vines, and grape vines.  Ultimately though, you will have to experiment to see what looks best with your house and the landscape around it.  You can bet that when you're done, though, the whole family will enjoy spending much time on your new deck.

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