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Creating Kitchen Storage Space

Many home owners concentrate lots of time, energy and money on making sure they have adequate storage space in most areas of their house. For instance, closets are a high priority for them, as are storage areas in the basement, attic or garage. It's ironic, therefore, that these same people often put much less emphasis on storage space in the kitchen.

We're talking about kitchen cabinets and drawers. Many times, this storage face is far inadequate for the job intended. If this is the case in your house, isn't it time to upgrade your cabinets and drawers? Doing so will not only make working in the kitchen an easier task, but it can give the room a new, exciting look and feel. Here are some things to remember when installing new cabinets and drawers.

1) The idea situation for drawers is that they reach any area where you're likely to be working. The solution that has worked well for many in this regard is the pullout drawer. You can store dishes, utensils, food, and much more in these, and the very design makes them able to be pulled out far, to where you are likely working. The pullout drawer is fixed within a cabinet, and usually has several vertical slots for holding dishes and trays. You can use other pullout drawers for holding pots and pans, and keeping them organized so that you won't have to dig around in the dark trying to find what it is you need. Opening and closing these drawers is easy, as the ball-bearing guides that the drawer glides over makes it a breeze to operate them.

2) If you want to keep the cabinets that you currently have, but still desire extra room and organization, you can actually create interiors inside of those cabinets that will help to make everything visible to you. In this way, you'll be able to see everything inside the cabinet, and you'll be able to reach it without much effort. Also, consider the possibility of pull-out cabinets. These also will allow you to find any of your sauces, spices, etc. with ease, and to keep them easily within your reach.

3) If your kitchen is like most, it probably has corner cabinets where only half of the space (or less!) is used. This is because these cabinets tend to be too deep to easily reach the far inside. You can rectify this problem, however, with little effort or cost. At most department stores, you can buy tiered spice racks. You can fit this inside of the cabinet at an angle, back in the space in the cabinet that you normally would not use. This gives you much more efficient use of your cabinet space.

4) We've spoken a lot about pull-out drawers, but did you know that there is even a pull-out option for storing pet food. You can convert one of your drawers for just such a purpose, with the upper drawer made to hold the bags or cans of dog or cat food, and the bottom drawer holding the dishes. This way, when it's time to feed the animals, you just pull out the drawer, and its within easy reach of your pets. Or, if you want to let them eat at their own schedule, keep the drawer pulled out. This has the added benefit of being a neater way to feed your pets, as it keeps any spilled food within the drawer and off the floor.

Hopefully these suggestions will have stimulated your own imagination so that you can start thinking of ways to increase the storage in your kitchen. The options are almost limitless.

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