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Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom Remodeling

It is not difficult to change how a bedroom looks. There are so many ways to transform it that it can be done as often as you want. The most frequent and striking way is using fabric. People commonly think of other ways including wallpaper, paint, and new furniture but forget how effective fabric can be at changing the look of the room. Your bedroom can be made over by using a variety of fabric colors, patterns and textures.

The first thing to do when remodeling is pick out a fabric. Here are some suggestions that will help you to choose a style

  • Romantic (feminine) – light colors, supple textures, gingham, floral, ruffles, and lace
  • Romantic (couples) - warm natural colors or vibrant daring colors, texture combinations, plaids, striping, a splash of oversized floral, cultural themes (African, French)
  • Elegant – warm tones, huge pillows, dramatic fabrics, leather, paisley, chenille, stripes,
  • Contemporary - bright lush blues, reds, blacks, whites, leather, avant-garde patterns, sharp edges, vinyl
  • Country/Nature – fabric combinations, animal prints, nautical design and colors, tartans, checkerboard, nature-related colors, green, yellow, blue

Any style can mix patterns. Changing the curtains or the duvet can entirely alter the room’s appearance. Update any boring or passé curtains or bedspreads to transform the space. A great way to update a room is using the same color combinations but in different patterns and textures. By using red edging on a duvet, floral patterned red curtains and a gingham cornice, and a solid red chair in a modern texture with pillows that have red accents; a room can be instantly transformed into something beautiful and romantic. Modernize picture frames and group them on one wall to instantly and economically update your bedroom. The frames can be different textiles (metal, wood), styles, and shades. If you are redecorating with a country look in mind, large pictures with matching ribbons can be hung from the highest point on the wall.

A great, inexpensive, way to update is crown modeling, an easy installation with the help of another person. Molding comes in a variety of styles and sizes, which can give a room the illusion of being taller and bigger than it really is. If the room is wallpapered, get rid of it and paint the walls a clean, new color; adding crown molding as the finishing touch. An easy and economical way to upgrade the bed is adding new contrasting pillow shams and coordinating accent pillows. The shams and accent pillows can be made by using your own fabric or can be purchased. Rather than spending unnecessary money on a headboard, find a six-panel door at your local junkyard or home improvement store. It is best to use a door that does not have the pre-cut door knob. Two well-made legs with screws can be easily purchased and screwed into a hole bored in the side of the door.

A door can be painted one color or each panel with several colors, given an antique finish or stained. You can paint a design, stencil, stamped design, or decoupage the panels to give it a decorative touch or use the door as a headboard as is, resting on the legs. Your own personal touches can make a room look fresh and new.

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