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Bathroom Hot Tubs and Spas

Relaxing in your own spa or a private hot tub after a hard day is done can be as simple as the push of a button. Choosing a model that comes with an easy to open cover allows you to keep the water warm for year-round enjoyment. Hot tubs and spas create a fun and relaxing environment for the families and people of all ages. Imagine splashing around with the family or spending time with loved ones in your own private paradise.

There are many things to consider when buying you hot tub or spa, so it is important to think through your decision. You must keep in mind that some salespeople are more interested in selling you the product than describing it’s functions. You should treat this situation as any other major purchase such as a car. It is important to be aware of the various manufacturers, warranties and products. Also, keep in mind installation processes and any potential problems. Here are some additional questions to keep in mind prior to purchase:

  • Does the water stay hot and clean when the spa is not in use? How?
  • Can you customize the hydro-massage features with the jets/jet system?
  • What is the correct number of jets to have in a spa?
  • When the system is running are the jets loud?
  • Is the water continually filtered, even when the spa is not being used?
  • Do the heating and filtration systems work automatically or can you program these functions?
  • What types of cleaning and maintenance procedures are used by spa owners?
  • What types of heating systems are there and how do they compare to one another?
  • Is the spa going to require any additional protection from corrosion?
  • What options are available with the various models?
  • Does the underwater light have additional options?
  • Are the controls complicated?
  • Is colored or multi-color lighting available?
  • Are there different sound systems offered?
  • Is there a remote control that can be used to operate the spa or hot tub?
  • What cover system is the best?
  • Does the electrical system have or require certain specifications?
  • What seating arrangement is the most comfortable and widely used?
  • Does the manufacturer test and support all of the system components?
  • What warranties are available and what does that include?
  • Does the hot tub or spa have total insulation?
  • What is the monthly operating cost of the spa?
  • What is the additional cost of a skirt?
  • Does manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 have their certification?
  • Has the hot tub or spa received any special recognition or honors?
  • What complaints, if any, have there been to the Better Business Bureau?
  • What year did the manufacturer begin to make spas?
  • Can I receive reports from other patrons before I make a purchase?
A reputable dealer should have the answer to the questions provided. If they do not have the answers, then you should seek out another merchant.


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