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A New Kitchen with a New Kitchen Island

If you're planning to re-do your kitchen and want to create a totally new look, give some thought to putting in a kitchen island. While these have been around for decades, it's only been recently that they have truly become trendy.  They make a decent size kitchen look even larger, and they turn your kitchen into a place that people really want to be.  And the options available for your island are too numerous to name: You can select a small island that provides a little extra counter space or install a large island that can hold your sink, range top, and other goodies.  There are also many choices available in material.  Best of all, kitchen islands are much more affordable than they once were.

Another benefit of a kitchen island is that it will provide you with much-needed storage space.  It's almost certain that you don't enough storage in your kitchen; very few people do.  A kitchen island will increase the amount of storage you have exponentially.  There are some islands that have storage on two different sides.  Some provide drawers, some cabinets, and others have both.  There are even some models that have side shelving for placing  some of your prized collectibles.  In this way, the kitchen island becomes a beautiful part of your overall home decor.

Let's talk first about smaller kitchens.  Most homes that were built decades ago don't have very large kitchens, and certainly don't have much counter space.  Even many new homes need more room.  Chances are you don't have enough space to keep any appliances out for easy use, and you certainly don't have much room to roll cookies or pizza dough or even to prepare a simple meal.  This is where a kitchen island could be helpful.

For people in this situation, the best option might be an oak island that features a generous amount of counter space, but also has a prep sink that allows you to prepare meats and vegetables for dinner.  In most cases, you can create the island with the same material that's used for all of the other counters in the kitchen. Or if you prefer, you can do it with a different material to enhance the look.  For instance, granite doesn't scratch and will not easily absorb juices or foods (and possibly cause contamination).  It comes in enough colors that you could find something to match any kitchen decor or counters. Another option to spice up your kitchen style is Kitchen Rugs from Wayfair. Using dish towels and oven mitts that match your rug can add enough accent to bring a dull kitchen to life again.

For really tiny kitchens that don't have room for even the smallest kitchen island, there is still an alternative:  a mobile island.  There are islands that have locking wheels that can be pushed in and out of the kitchen as needed.  Whenever you're ready to make lunch or dinner, or if you need some more counter space, you just pull it out from the wall, use it, and when done, push it back.

So if you've decided to include an island in your kitchen, where do you go?  There are several places.  Many home improvement stores feature them, as do some furniture stores.  Any place that features kitchen furnishings is a possibility, also.  But perhaps the best, and most affordable option would be to look online. Just do a keyword search for "kitchen island." Once it's installed, you'll find that it's one island where you won't mind being marooned for a good portion of your day.

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