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A Guide to Kitchen Ranges

When remodeling or trying to sell a home you may want to consider adding new appliances. Over the years, the appearances of many different appliances have changed in both cosmetics and function. Ranges are one of those products that have evolved. You can find them in all sizes, shapes, and different eras. The ranges of recent design are easier to operate and to maintain on a regular basis. Many models are also very energy efficient compared to models of later times. They are also loaded with features that did not use to exist, such as timers and self-cleaning properties.

Electric ranges are one of the products that have had the most modifications performed. The mechanics have been completely changed. For, instance some models have gotten rid of the old coils and replaced them with a flat, glass surface. These models have become extremely popular because of its clean appearance and ease of maintenance. The models with the coil burners are becoming obsolete and the more modern ranges are becoming more popular. The new ranges can easily be cleaned when the cool down.

Some glass tops actually have an amazing option called a variable burner. This feature was designed to accommodate various sizes of pans. A variable burner is a separate burner that is usually located between some of the regular burners. This is beneficial if you are using a pan that has an odd shape and does not fit properly on the regular size burners. Some pans have an oblong or oval shape which can hang over the sides and promote uneven cooking. By switching on the variable burner you can achieve a heating surface that will cover the entire circumference of the pan. Some of these ranges also have features like butter melters, taking the worry out of burning the butter on the stove.

Some customers may worry about the dangers of the flat surface, because you can’t always see the burners. But don’t worry; most models have a bright indicator light that will let you know that there is a dangerous surface on the range. Often, this light will stay on until the surface has completely cooled off. If someone accidentally spills something on the surface, it is much easier to clean up without having to remove the coils and clean underneath. Although, some of the newer coil models have a new design that can actually contain the drips and lessen the cleaning time.

If you decide to stick with the coil model type of range there are a few things that you may want to consider. So of the cheaper models have less coils which will not cook food as evenly. Some models have more coils which will promote even cooking and better tasting food. You may also want to look at the location and the temperature variance of the model before purchase. Some models have the placement of the knobs too low, which can lead to obstruction if you are using a large pan on a back burner. Some models also have more accurate thermostats and can give you an exact temperature for accurate cooking.

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