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Retaining Walls:
Most houses benefit by constructing new retaining walls, which provide protection of property, improve a room's appearance, and increase a home's value.

Gas Fireplaces:
Although wood-burning fireplaces were once the method of choice for heating a home, gas fireplaces have become more popular in recent years.

Decks and Patios: Decks and patios provide the perfect way to enjoy your home while relaxing outside. Just remember not to shortchange yourself on space for the patio.

Dining Room Remodeling:
Improving the appearance of your dining room automatically gives the home a higher comfort factor and resale value.

Bathroom Updates:
An outdated bathroom can easily be upgraded by making some changes in the tile, toilet, sink, and cabinets, and perhaps some new towels.

Kitchen Tille:
New tile in the kitchen not only makes the room more modern and sophisticated, but helps to protect the floor and even the kitchen appliances.

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Welcome to eHomeImprovement.org, our complete collection of home improvement articles and home repair tips include information on living areas, bedrooms, decks and patios, bathrooms, lawns, gardens, garage, storage and many other home related areas. Our site is easy to use and the information is easy to read with step by step instructions to help you achieve your home improvement projects. Adding modern window blinds from Blinds.com is an easy way to improve the look of your home.

Canopy Beds
What you envision when you think of a canopy bed?  Some people picture something in a little girl's bedroom. Others picture a luxurious bed in a king's bedroom, or perhaps the bedroom of an extremely wealthy couple. While that was once true, today, more and more normal couples are enjoying the sophistication and elegance of a canopy bed. You can create a canopy bed in any one of several ways, and give it the decor you want, to suit any age or personality.  You can do it yourself by picking up some fabric from a discount fabric store, and picking up wood at a home-improvement store. While you're there, ask if they have information or advice that can help you in the canopy-creation process. Also when your thinking of updating any room in your house can truely enhance the look and feel of any living enviroment.

Bathroom Tile
Are you interested in giving your bathroom a new, updated look?  You could re-do the whole bathroom, of course. But if your budget doesn't allow that, you'll be surprised at how much of a difference new tile will make in its looks. With bathroom tile, you can upgrade  the room by re-tiling an entire wall, touching up, or just adding a few splashes of color.  Likewise, new tile on the floor can make it feel like a whole new bathroom. Does the thought or re-tiling sound intimidating?  It doesn't need to be.  With the right tools and a plan, you can do it by yourself in just a few hours.  At the end of the process, you'll consider it time well-spent. And your family will agree. Also

A Kitchen Island
Do you have enough room in your kitchen?  We're talking storage room (such as in your drawers and cabinets). And we're also talking about room to prepare your meals, on countertops, tables, etc. The unfortunate truth is that most kitchens quickly run out of space.  That's where a kitchen island can be a real godsend.  These islands will provide you with more cabinet and drawer space as well as a lot more counter room to do your daily kitchen chores. There are islands that can fit with almost any kitchen decor, and they come in a variety of sizes and costs, so that just about all homeowners can find one that will work for them.

Garbage Disposals
There are few things as unattractive as that gooey food mess that accumulates in a sink's drain if it's not kept properly clean. And of course, inevitably this leads to the drain becoming clogged.  Believe it or not, several decades ago, this was just a fact a life. That was until the invention of garbage disposals, which eliminates this mess and the resulting clogs. If you don't yet have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen sink, why are you waiting? Once you've enjoyed its benefits, you'll never want to go back to life without one. And the good news is that, if you have a few simple tools and just a few minutes, you can easily install the garbage disposal by yourself. There's really nothing to it.

Garden Ponds
If you've ever visited a home with a garden pond on the premises, you know you've visited a magical place. A garden pond gives a beauty to a home that can improve the appearance of even the plainest property. It also gives you nice scenery to help you relax on your patio or deck after dark. And during the daylight hours, the garden's fountain will create a calming sound that will take you far away from the problems of everyday life. Garden ponds are increasing in popularity precisely because of this magical ambiance that they create on the home-owner's property. A happy side-effect is that the ponds attract wildlife to the area, thus giving you a taste of nature right in your own backyard.

If you enjoy having a healthy lawn with plenty of green grass and gorgeous plants and flowers, then you need to understand that few people can acquire a lawn like this without an adequate sprinkler system.  Good lawns take a lot of water. Strangely, very few people know much about sprinklers, and that there are several different kinds for different purposes. The four main kinds are rotary (they have two or three spinning arms), oscillating (which sprays water out of the curved arm's tiny holes), pulsating (which sprays one spray of water in a pulsing action, and moving in a circle), and traveling (which has wheels that, along with the water's force, causes the sprinkler to move all over the lawn). The best one depends on the type and size of your lawn.

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